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OM0017 – Advanced Production and Planning Control

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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 4
“Operations Management” Specialization
OM 0017 – Advanced Production and Planning Control (4 credits)
(Book ID: B1342)
Marks 60
Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within 6-8 pages. Answer all questions.

Q1.a. Explain briefly how the different system/aids are used to ensure smooth
working of the production process.                                                                      5 marks(150-200) words

Answer :  No manufacturing or service industry can be productive without a sound production plan. Effective planning is fundamental in any business; it's a complex process that covers a wide variety of activities that ensure that materials, equipment and human resources are available to complete the work. Production planning is like a

b. Discuss the merits of MRP                                                                                   5 marks(150-200) words

Answer : Material Requirements Planning or MRP is a computerized inventory management system that helps production managers plan and schedule the purchase of raw materials and component parts for manufacturing facilities. MRP systems are driven by outstanding orders or foretasted orders or a combination of the two in order to ensure adequate inventory of dependent demand items to meet production requirements.

Inventory Levels

Q2.a. What is meant by a production control system and how are the elements of control systems categorised?                                                                                                                 5 marks(150-200) words
Answer :  Production Control System

PRONES supports whole factory operations

Presently the Manufacturing Industry needs a flexible and scalable Manufacturing Control System that produces "required products of required quantities when required". PRONES is a Manufacturing Control System which takes Seiban and MRP

b. Bring out the differences between forecasting and prediction.                      5 marks(150-200) words
Forecasting and prediction are two different things. Forecasting is objective, scientific, reproducible, free from individual bias and error analysis is possible in it. Prediction, on the other hand, is subjective, mostly intuitive, non-reproducible and contains

Q3. Describe the various inventory control methods and costs.                       10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Most companies have a never-ending goal to find the best method to control one of their largest assets their inventory. Many different methods of inventory control exist, from the very basic to the very complex. All methods aim toward one target to have the lowest total cost of ownership while having the highest possible service levels. Some methods find a balance between the cost and service components, while others favour one component over the other.

Holy Grail

Inventory control methods vary from

Q4. Define deterministic model of inventory control. Explain inventory costs and relationships                                                                           
10 marks(300-400) words                                                                                                                                            

Answer :  Deterministic Models of Inventory Control

Only the deterministic models will be considered to solve inventory problems here because the probabilistic models have more variability factors and too complex to solve. The following assumptions are made to solve the deterministic models of inventory control.

(1)Demand of

Q5. Explain the purpose of operations scheduling? List the benefits of  production scheduling.                                                                                                  10 marks(300-400) words

Answer : Operating system scheduling is the process of controlling and prioritizing messages sent to a processor. An internal operating system program, called the scheduler, performs this task. The goal of operating system scheduling is maintaining a constant amount of work for the processor, eliminating highs and lows in the processor’s workload and making sure each process is completed within a reasonable time frame.

Q6. Explain in brief about Priority Rules for Scheduling? What are the uses of Gantt chart?                                                                         10 marks(300-400)words

Answer :  Project scheduling is the act of constructing a timetable for each project activity, respecting the precedence relations and the limited availability of the renewable resources, while optimizing a predefined scheduling objective (see “Resource constrained project scheduling: What is my scheduling objective?”). The

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