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MU0017 –Talent Management and Employee Retention

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Winter/ November 2012
Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4
MU0017 –Talent Management and Employee Retention- 4 Credits
(Book ID:B1338)
Assignment Set -1 (60 marks)

Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within 6-8 pages. Answer all questions.

Q1.What is the importance of talent management?                          10 marks(350-400 words)

Answer : Like human capital, talent management is gaining increased attention. Talent management (TM) brings together a number of important human resources (HR) and management initiatives. Organisations that officially decide to manage

Q2.Explain the five stage approach for building a competency model. 10 marks(350-400 words)

Answer : The development of competency models depends on the goals and objectives of the organisation, and the business that the organisation is in.
In a broader sense the competencies are categorised into two types:

1)  Core competency.
2)  Role specific competency.

Q3.List the key elements of talent management system.                       10 marks(350-400 words)

Answer : The key elements of Talent Management System are explained as follows:

Selection: Selection is the process of choosing a candidate amongst a number of probable candidates. Recruitment and Retention has become a big challenge for organisations due to the continuing global talent

Q4.Describe the important steps involved in assessing talent management process.10 marks(350-400 words)

Answer :  People are, undoubtedly the best resources of an organization. Sourcing the best people from the industry has become the top most priority of the organizations today. In such a competitive scenario, talent management has become the key strategy to identify and filling the skill gap in a company by recruiting the high-worth

Q5.Explain the methods adopted to control recruitment and hiring process.10 marks(350-400 words)
Answer :  Most of the organisations irrespective of fact whether they are small, medium, or big scale companies have their own methods of hiring the candidates for the required positions. Sometimes, this process is dealt within the company itself or it is handled by some subcontractors or recruiting agencies.

Q6.Explain the five key steps in strategic talent planning.                             10 marks(350-400 words)

Answer : Recruiting rarely is based on any sort of strategic plan. For most organizations, recruiting is a tactical operation ó a series of things that take place that result in qualified people getting hired. It is mostly reactive, and few recruiters have the time or charter to look forward more than a few weeks. To ensure that your organization has a chance at hiring the best people ó and to successfully operate in a global, competitive environment, organizations ó you will need a strategic plan coupled to appropriate resources and tactics

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